50 year old female patient had a history of chronic nasal congestion and a runny nose since childhood. She had allergy shots many years ago and takes allergy medications during the spring which helped her sneezing and itchy eyes but she still has a problem year round of having a runny nose. She always carries tissues with her and finds that she is embarrassed about people thinking she is sick all the time.

She saw an ENT who noted that she did not have any sinus problems or signs of nasal blockage on her exam. The ENT advised her that she has chronic rhinitis due to a nerve in the back of her nose that causes it to be runny. She was placed on a trial of Ipratropium Bromide nasal spray and she found that she did do better but not completely. She was advised to consider cryoablation of her posterior nasal nerves (Clarifix) and she decided to proceed. The procedure was done in the office with local anesthesia and she was advised to continue with her nasal spray and saline rinses for a short time after her procedure.

3 months later the patient was doing very well and she found that she did not have to carry tissues around with her anymore. She was using her allergy medications less and felt that her nasal breathing was also better.