37 year old male had been having chronic blockage and congestion in his nose for as long as he could remember. He had previously had sinus surgery, deviated septum repair and his turbinates “burned” 5 years ago. While his sinus problems were much better he felt that his breathing problems were not better. He had been tested for allergies and found he had none. He noticed that his nose felt blocked on both sides but that sometimes one side was worse than the other especially when lying on his side at night. He had tried nasal sprays but found they really didn’t help much. Recently he had been told that he was also starting to snore lightly but not all the time.

He consulted with an ENT who examined inside his nose and found that he had moderate to severe nasal turbinate hypertrophy. His septum was still mild to moderately deviated as well. The sinuses were seen to be open and doing well. Patient was advised that a turbinoplasty procedure could be done to help improve his breathing problems. In addition a balloon dilation procedure could be done to help improve the residual deviated septum in a minimally invasive approach.. Given the degree of turbinate hypertrophy, decision was made to do the procedures in the operating room to get the results desired with maximal patient comfort.

3 months after his surgery the patient noted that he was breathing so much better and feeling really good. He had stopped snoring and was exercising more than he had in the past. 1 year later patient reported never feeling better in his life and was dedicated to taking care of his overall health and well being.