A skin test can be performed in the office to test you for 36 most common environmental allergens that may be causing your symptoms.

Preparation: Do not take any antihistamine pills or sprays for 1 week prior to the allergy test (Benadryl, Claritin, Allegra, etc.). If you take steroids please advise us so we may go over the preparation with you. Our office manager can review the preparation with you in detail prior to your visit.

What to expect during the test: We do not use any needles or pricks to perform the allergy test. Instead we have a special applicator that uses pressure to place the test antigens on both your forearms. After a few minutes if you have any positive allergies you will see red bumps your arms that can be quite itchy depending on how strongly positive you are to that specific allergen. The test takes 20 minutes to do and we will be observing you as the test takes place.

Follow up and recovery: We will review the test results with you that day in the office and offer a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Your arms may continue to itch and have red bumps for a short time after the test. We can use Benadryl and topical creams to help take care of this.

Potential costs: Allergy skin tests are covered by your insurance plan. However please note that under certain plans and if you have a deductible you may be responsible for some of the costs of this procedure. The CPT code for this exam is 95004 – you may call your insurance company before your visit and check your benefits.

Potential risks: Since this is not a percutaneous test (through the skin) the risks are decreased of having a strong allergic or anaphylactic reaction. However it is possible and therefore you must remain in the office during the entire testing time so we can observe you and treat you as indicated.