An imaging study that has low radiation exposure that can provide detailed anatomic evaluation for the boney structures of the head, neck, nose, sinuses and ears. This can be performed in office at the time of your visit or can be scheduled at a Radiology Center convenient for you.

Preparation: If the CT is being done without contrast no preparation will be needed. While not as commonly done, if we need to use contrast during the study the Radiology Center will advise you on how to properly prepare for your study.

What to expect during CT Scan: These exams are quick and easy to perform. The CT machines are open and do not feel claustrophobic.

Follow up and recovery: Once the study is completed we will review the images with you and follow up with a diagnosis and comprehensive plan of care for you. There is no recovery involved.

Potential costs: CT Scans are covered by your insurance plan. However please note that under certain plans and if you have a deductible you may be responsible for some of the costs of this procedure. The CPT codes for this exam procedure are 95800 and 95806 – you may call your insurance company before your visit and check your benefits. Your insurance plan may also require a prior authorization to cover the costs of the home sleep study – our office manager can assist you in obtaining the authorization for you prior to your visit with us.

Potential risks: There may be risks associated if you are having contrast with your CT scan. These risks will be reviewed by the Radiology Center with you.