If you are being evaluated for sleep apnea, snoring or sleep problems we will give you a small device to take home to study and evaluate your sleep for any abnormalities that may be causing your problems. The study is usually done for one night with additional nights performed as clinically indicated. Based on your medical history we may recommend an in-lab overnight sleep study instead.

Preparation: Make your bed as comfortable as possible and avoid TV, computers and electronics use 1 hour prior to bedtime. No alcohol use the night of the study. We will provide you with detailed and easy instructions on how to use the device properly.

What to expect during the study: The home sleep study devices we use are compact and very easy to use. The office of Dr Kamran Jafri MD FACS provides our patients with the latest and most technologically advanced home sleep study devices. Based on your specific symptoms and anatomy, Dr Jafri will provide you with the appropriate device for your needs. For the majority of our patients we use the new Night Owl device – a one piece device that is worn overnight on the tip of your finger. No wires, no tape, no fuss. Results are easily accesible to you on the associated app. Our patients find the comfort and ease of doing a sleep study at home in your own bed preferable to spending the night at a sleep lab.

Follow up and recovery: Once the study is completed we will review the data and follow up with you with a diagnosis and comprehensive plan of care for you. There is no recovery aside from making sure to get a good night’s sleep the next night.

Potential costs: Home sleep studies are covered by your insurance plan. However please note that under certain plans and if you have a deductible you may be responsible for some of the costs of this procedure. The CPT codes for this exam procedure are 95800 and 95806 – you may call your insurance company before your visit and check your benefits. Your insurance plan may also require a prior authorization to cover the costs of the home sleep study – our office manager can assist you in obtaining the authorization for you prior to your visit with us.

Potential risks: There are no risks associated with doing a Home Sleep Study. It is possible that the study may need to be repeated or an in-lab sleep study will be needed to get more diagnostic information in some cases.