An exam performed in the office to help look at the internal nasal structures and sinus passages to check for infection, inflammation, anatomic blockages, growths / polyps, lesions and tumors.

Preparation: No preparation is needed as this exam is done in the office on the day of your visit.

What to expect during the procedure: Topical numbing agents and decongestants are used to make the exam very comfortable for you. A thin camera is then passed into your nose. The numbing solution is short acting and wears off in minutes. It can also be done without the numbing spray in which case you will feel slight pressure but no significant pain during the exam. We use the smallest scope size available for your comfort.

Follow up and recovery: Given the non-invasive nature of the exam there is no recovery. Your nose may feel slightly irritated for a short time. Follow up includes the treatment plan that will be given to you based on the findings of your exam.

Potential Costs: Nasal endoscopy is covered by your insurance plan. However please note that under certain plans and if you have a deductible you may be responsible for some of the costs of this procedure. The CPT code for this exam procedure is 31231 – you may call your insurance company before your visit and check your benefits.

Potential Risks: Given that this is an endoscopic procedure and no invasive procedures are done the risks are minimal. Potential slight nosebleed or nasal irritation can occur rarely. In our office we use the smallest scope size available- making for your ease, comfort and decreased problems during and after the exam.