In order to determine if a patient has sleep apnea / snoring a Home Sleep Study can be done. The technology and efficiency of these devices have improved dramatically over the years. These small and easy use devices are provided to you by Dr Jafri and the study is done in the comfort of your own home. These devices can gather very important data while you are sleeping including your oxygen levels, hear rate, slowed breathing patterns, pauses in breathing, actual sleep time, REM / NREM / Deep Sleep / Light Sleep time, presence of snoring, what position you sleep in and other important factors that will help determine if you have sleep apnea and it’s severity. While most patients can proceed with a home sleep study, Dr Jafri may decide that based on symptoms, history and other medical conditions that an overnight PSG study (polysomnography) at a certified sleep center will be a better diagnostic option to proceed with.

Indications: Home Sleep Studies are indicated for any patients who are experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea or snoring. They help provide convenient and efficient diagnostic information that can help Dr Jafri develop and implement a comprehensive treatment plan for you in a timely manner.

Preparation: Patients are given full instructions on how to use the Home Sleep Study Device during their office visit. In addition, written instructions, a 24 hour call line and online instructional videos are provided to help in using the device at home. No alcohol should be consumed on the day before and of the study. If you take medications or herbal products to help you sleep, Dr Jafri will review their use with you during the study.

What to expect during the procedure: Since the study is done in the comfort of your own home and bed versus a sleep lab / hospital, you essentially will experience a normal night at home. While the study devices are small and designed to be comfortable, there is no question that wearing the can take a little getting adjusted to before you fall asleep. That is why we have you start wearing it before you sleep so you can ease into sleep a little easier. Technically speaking getting even a few minutes of data while you are sleeping helps us get a diagnosis. We want as much data as possible and like to get at least 6 hours of study time. We may even do more than one night of studies based on your individual case. Majority of patients have no problems completing the study and love the fact tat they can do it at home on their schedule.

Recovery and Follow Up: Given that Home Sleep Studies are to invasive there really is no recovery involved. The crucial part is good follow up. Once the data from your study has been analyzed, Dr Jafri will meet with you and review the results in detail. If indeed you have sleep apnea / snoring a comprehensive treatment plan will be formulated and executed with you under our guidance. Dr Jafri also believes it is very important to work on all aspects and symptoms of sleep apnea and will make direct referrals for you to internists, cardiologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, physical therapists, physical trainers, acupuncturists, holistic practitioners, dentists and oral surgeons as needed for your specific case.

Costs: Home Sleep Studies are covered by insurance. Our office will check your insurance coverage and advise of any potential costs based on your specific plan prior to scheduling any procedure. Some insurance carriers require a prior authorization before allowing a Home Sleep Study. Our office will help obtain this for you. We can also provide you with the relevant CPT codes so you can speak with your insurance provider as well before your visit.

The Night Owl Home Sleep Study: over the years Dr Jafri has utilized several different home sleep studies for his patients. Every device has it’s own inherent advantages and disadvantages. For his patients at the office of Dr Kamran Jafri MD FACS, Dr Jafri has selected the Night Owl as his device of choice.
This exciting new device utilizes PAT readings (peripheral arterial tone) recorded on a state of the art device that fits right on the tip of your finger.
No extra wires or tubes going into your nose to worry about. Results are consistent, accurate and timely helping provide the necessary information needed to help treat your sleep disorder as soon as possible.
Just push a button to turn it on, tape it to your finger and then connect it to the Night Owl App. That’s all it takes to get started on your way to Breathe Better, Sleep Better and Live Better!