Patients with sinusitis and nasal congestion can use medicated sinus rinses to help treat and alleviate their symptoms. While saline rinses without medications can be helpful, they do not address any bacteria or inflammation that is causing the problems. By adding antibiotics or steroids to the rinse better clinical outcomes can be achieved. The medicated rinses are ordered from a special pharmacy and shipped directly to the patients {link to Medical Specialty Pharmacy}. These rinses can be used instead of surgery, before surgery or after surgery and are used for a short period of time. Since the medications are applied to nose and sinuses as a rinse the concentration of medications being absorbed into the body is significantly less than if the medications were taken by mouth.

Preparation: Patients are given full instructions on how to use the rinses after Dr Jafri has determined if it is appropriate for you. The providing pharmacy has full support and education materials for patients while they are using the rinse.

What to expect during the treatment: The rinses need to be done every day once or twice a day for 1 week up to 12 weeks. A special rinse device will be provided by the pharmacy with full instructions and support on how to do the rinses. Patient start to feel improvement in their symptoms within days of using the rinses. The rinses also help patients heal well from sinus and nasal surgeries. Some patients may find the rinses are too strong or irritate their nose. If this happens the strength of the rinses can be decreased or simply stopped.

Follow Up: Follow up is done directly with Dr Jafri to make sure the rinses are working and that there are no problems with using them. This will often be coordinated with any follow up you may have if you have had sinus or nasal surgery done.

Costs: Medicated Sinus Rinses are covered by insurance. Our office and pharmacy will check your insurance coverage and advise of any potential costs based on your specific plan prior to ordering and delivering the rinses. We can also provide you with the order sheet so you can speak directly with your insurance provider as well.

Risks: All treatments have inherent risks, benefits, alternatives and complications associated with them and to the specific individual patient being treated. Dr Jafri will review these with you in detail and answer any questions you have before you proceed with any procedure and as part of the process of whether to proceed or not.