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Welcome to The Nose News – the blog for the office of Dr Kamran Jafri MD FACS founded by Dr. Kamran Jafri.

The office of Dr Kamran Jafri MD FACS is a unique medical practice specializing in disorders and diseases of the nose and sinuses. Our goal is to treat, educate and encourage our patients to attain healthy nasal breathing and sinuses. We are learning more and more about the importance of breathing well and properly from our noses and the vital importance it plays in our health – both physical and mental.

Proper nasal breathing was first introduced as a concept thousands of years ago as early practitioners of yoga and meditation started to realize the benefits of deep breathing exercises.
As time has gone on and as a society and civilization our focus has turned to an increasingly busy and complex lifestyle, we started to forget these fundamentals of proper breathing. Along with environmental changes, increase in allergies and poor air quality and mask wearing, breathing problems have only compounded and increased.


While many patients will benefit from a procedure or medical treatment to address anatomical or physiological problems, this is only part of the picture and solutions process at the office of Dr Kamran Jafri MD FACS. Dr. Jafri understands that once the pathology is addressed the true process of learning to breathe properly is just beginning. By incorporating breath training and techniques we are better positioned to have maximal gains in improved breathing and the health benefits that accompany it.


In addition, sleep disorders that usually accompany nasal and sinus issues are also addressed at the office of Dr Kamran Jafri MD FACS. Whether the problem is snoring, sleep apnea or poor-quality sleep, Dr. Jafri works closely with his patients to help identify the causes of sleep disorders and then offers long-term and customized solutions that can provide the best outcomes for each individual patient.


At the office of Dr Kamran Jafri MD FACS, we also understand the importance of living better… once a patient has attained better breathing and sleeping the next step is to enact purposeful living and activities that will further enhance a patient’s health and wellbeing. Dr. Jafri works closely with personal trainers, yoga instructors, dieticians, meditation centers, and athletes to tailor a plan going forward to reap the full benefits of breathing and sleeping better. This is the lifelong process that ensures we are staying on course to nurturing the physical, psychological, and spiritual facets that make us who we are.

The office of Dr Kamran Jafri MD FACS has been a rewarding experience for Dr. Jafri. It represents a culmination of 20 years of clinical expertise and a personal journey towards well-being that he has now dedicated to providing to others.

With this blog, we will provide educational insight and guidance for you and others as we move forward together to Breathe Better, Sleep Better and Live Better!



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